Contributed by Suzanne Bradford of Journeys Around the World

Guided tours or Escorted tours always seem to get a bad rap, but I’m here to tell you why they just may be the right decision for your vacation. Imagine if you will, landing in a foreign country, somewhere you have never been before. You don’t know anyone, you don’t speak the language and you most definitely don’t know how to drive here. Where do you go and what do you do next? Well if you are on a guided tour, the answers are simple.

The first thing you do after you land and clear customs is find your tour guide at baggage claim. All guided tours companies will provide you with an expert tour guide for the duration of your trip. They are local, they are knowledgeable and they are professional. They will help you load your luggage and get you on to your bus, where you will meet your bus driver as well. Expertly trained, these drivers are nothing short of amazing. See, no driving for you. Just sit back and relax. The hard part is taken care of.

The next great thing about a guided tour is the VIP treatment at all the tourist attractions. When there is a 4 hour wait to get into the Louvre’ in Paris, or they are turning people away at the Vatican, you get to skip the line and walk right in with your group and enjoy. Another thing that guided tour groups offer are authentic, local experiences. You can shear sheep, make scones or stomp grapes. You decide what you want to do. The possibilities are endless.

And even though you are on a guided tour, you still get to enjoy some free time. You do not have to spend every minute with your group. There is allotted free time on every tour, which gives you plenty of time to explore on your own. Go to a local bakery or ice cream shop, or maybe sit in the local square and enjoy a glass of wine. You have time to spend as you like. Which makes a guided tour even that much better.

The service you receive and the friendships you make on a guided tour will make you a forever fan. They are a great choice for couples, families and especially single travelers. They are a great value and a wonderful experience. You won’t be disappointed you tried one.

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