at the Stray Dog Pub & Cafe

Last year we were able to help just over 300 local children, completely stock the new “Highland Manor Store” with hundreds of amazing items for residents, and also donate to Primary Children’s Hospital and to our local Boys and Girls Club. This was all made possible by the support of so many AMAZING and GENEROUS local donors, businesses, and schools.

Last year we were blessed by one of the largest donations yet in our toy drive history made to us by Barbara and Craig Kidwell of Kidwell & Gallagher Law Offices. This donation made fully stocking the Highland Manor store possible as well as with helping to stock the toy drive with toys and with the donation to Boys and Girls Club. Thank you Barbara and Craig!!

Over the course of the past 4 years we have been continuously blessed by the constant and extremely generous support of Denise Bradshaw of Bradshaw Law.  Denise has been a staple of our Superhero Toy Drive and has helped make our toy drive not just possible but also successful since the beginning. Thank you Denise!!!

Another AMAZING major source of toy donations has come from our local schools and their students over the past 3 years. Adobe Middle, Grammar #2, Paris Academy, EHS, Spring Creek Middle School, and Spring Creek Elementary have all played a huge role in making our toy drive possible.  Thanks again to all the students and teachers who have supported us over the years! YOU ARE ALL SUPERHEROS!!!

There have been so many local businesses, individuals, and families that have helped us over the past 4 years by donating and/or fully adopting families for Christmas and I want to thank each and everyone from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could list each and every one of you and thank you personally but the list is just too long.  For this I am not only grateful but also humbled by the amount of giving and of support our toy drive receives from our community.

We are still currently taking family nominations for kids in need of a Christmas this year.  If you, or a local family you know, may be in need of help this Christmas, or if you and your family or business would like to help this year by donating items or adopting full families please message Colette Reynolds through our Facebook page “Stray Dog / Elko Realtors Superhero Toy Drive”.

Once Again I would like to thank our amazing community for the constant support throughout our toy drive. Elko is truly made up of so many SUPERHEROS and because of this we can assure hundreds of local kids and families will have a much merrier Christmas each year.