Burnt Point Custom Maps on Silk

In a world of technology, gps on your wrist and access to about anything, anytime and almost anywhere, it is nice to take a broad look and sometimes the simple becomes the more impressive gadget. During World War II invasion maps for pilots were often printed on silk due to their durability. These silk maps could resist water, could be folded multiple times, stuffed anywhere without losing their valuable information. Burnt Point brought this idea to the modern day. They have the most recent U.S. Geological Survey maps and historical maps, too. You can even choose your own scale. In a day and age of gadgets this one requires no batteries, solar charge, firmware update and always works as intended. The original gadget.

///  Custom Map on Silk $65


Case Hobo Knife

From the famous blade makers that have manufactured quality utility and hunting knives in the USA since 1889 comes the Hobo Knife. Never be without utensils again when it’s time to eat at hunt camp. with a fork, traditional Case knife blade, a spoon and carved in can opener in the fork handle you’ll be all set. Never lose grip with the amber bone handle and fold it all away for easy stow and go.

///  Case Hobo Knife $70
Available at Case Knives online or GunWorld and Archery


Ethics Archery Spinning Inserts

It is true in flight that drag can make a huge difference. The trajectory, stability and speed can all be dramatically impacted by drag and thus impact. Ethics worked thru the physics and found that the weight of the tip causes a dramatic loss of energies the arrow has to spin that extra weight. Their solution? A rotating insert that allows the shaft to spin independently of the weighted tip. The claim is a waste more stable arrow. Make sense but you might just have to try out for yourself and at $28 an insert, a lost arrow will now become a search and recovery mission.

///  Ethics Archery Spinning Inserts $28
Available at www.ethicsarchery.com


Browning® Hell’s Canyon Long Range

If you enjoy saving ammo and shooting less than a handful of rounds a year, this rifle probably is not for you. However, if you enjoy year round shooting and clanging metal at over a 1000 yards while dropping big game in their tracks then you need to have this rifle on your short list. Built on the popular X-Bolt platform, Browning launched this rifle for 2017. A fluted heavy sporter contour barrel leads the way and accompanies a A-TACS AU (Arid/Urban) camouflage stock. All exposed metal utilizes the a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish to improve durability and wipe out reflection. A threaded muzzle brake is also suppressor ready and a detachable rotary magazine feeds the 6.5 Creedmores flawlessly into the chamber with a short throw bolt. Fine tune this with an adjustable trigger and you have a long range package you’ll enjoy shooting without the long range price.

///  Hell’s Canyon Long Range $1,299
Available at GunWorld and Archery


Sig Sauer KILO2400ABS Range Finder

Need to range out to two miles? No problem with the KILO2400 by Sig Sauer. Of course, made in the USA, this amazing range finder uses Lightwave DSPTM (Digital Signal Processing) engine and HyperScan described as an advanced power management technique that provides the fastest refresh rate in scan mode (4 times per second) even at distances over a mile. Sync the finder with the Applied Ballistic’s Ballistic Solver app and make calculating long-range rifle trajectories a breeze. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, add the optional plug-in wind meter and you’ll feel as if you have a sniper’s best friend.

///  KILO Range Finder $1,499
Available at www.amazon.com