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13 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs Summer is officially here, so here’s a quick recap on how to keep your dog safe in the summer. Summer is a great time to go out and have fun with your dog, but there are a few hazards to watch out for. Keep these safety tips in mind […]

Local Finds – June

  Milwaukee M18 Impact Drill This drill is just what you need to get the heavy duty jobs done! This would make for a great Father’s Day gift! Go check out the new warehouse, plenty of tools to choose from. Industrial Supply – 2198 Industrial Way     Lilac Bath Bombs […]

Poor Posture, Poor Mood

Poor Posture, Poor Mood By Dr. Todd Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center As many people are finding themselves spending more time sitting slumped behind a screen or standing on their feet for hours on end without a break, paying attention to your posture is more important than ever. If […]