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Lamoille Lodge

Rebuilding the Historic Camp Lamoille Lodge

The Elko Host Lion’s Club has began efforts to rebuild the 79-year-old historic Camp Lamoille Lodge. Donate on GoFundMe, and share that you did on your social media accounts. Every nickel counts. The USFS district ranger, Josh Nicholes, stated that the USFS is “100% behind” efforts to rebuild the historic […]

Have Fun Indoors

8 FUN ACTIVITIES Temperatures are dropping which means kids are spending a lot more time indoors. Snow days are great fun, but you can’t spend the entire day outside in the snow. To help keep screen time to a minimum, here’s a fun list of indoor Winter Activities for kids […]

State Farm’s Good Neighbor DECEMBER 2018

George Quintana As parents we spend most of our waking hours thinking about our kids.  Did I give her lunch money? Was he wearing his jacket when he left for the bus?  Is she eating enough vegetables, maybe I should start sneaking some cauliflower in the mash potatoes?  How well […]