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The Gadget Guy – August 2018

Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammocks There’s nothing better than relaxing when you get back to your truck after a long stalk or scouting trek. Relax in the Hammaka hammocks that easily slip into a standard receiver. Perfect for the mid day siesta or hot days when all the game […]

Gadget Guy July 2018

Diamond Atelier 24K Ducati Monster 1200R Motorcycle The Naked Monster by Ducati has been a customization favorite since its introduction 25 years ago. Now Diamond Atlier is putting their twist on this Italian beast. The Wild Monster comes with a hand-stitched leather seat, gold leaf inlays and pin striping and […]

Gadget Guy – June

Gadget Guy – Father’s Day Special Smoker Review         Bradley Digital Smoker 108 P The Bradley Digital Smoker includes many of the same features as the Bradley Original Smoker but add technology. The Digital Smoker took the two individually controlled heating elements and gave their control centers some […]