My fellow business owners,

For 101 consecutive months since its inception in 2011, Everything Elko has brought Everything from the stores to the outdoors to your hands. Our mission was to give the local business a voice and we have done it with excellence.

Today, I make a first ever move in the best interest of our community’s struggling businesses in the face of forced shut downs because of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic. The last thing YOU need right now is another invoice to cover while you cannot sell product or provide services. We will not be printing the April Edition of Everything Elko to provide financial relief from the impact of this pandemic and government regulation to control its spread.

We are YOU and understand the sleepless nights, the hourly decisions and the sacrifice you have been thru in just two simple weeks of March. In contrast I have created an action plan for all of us.

1. Online is key. Most businesses have quickly recognized the value of an online presence and even moved their quarantine to the safe distance of virtual teaching, educating and selling. I am excited to introduce a project 2 years in the making… WILD ELK MARKETING by EVERYTHING ELKO I would like to introduce Mackenna Velez. With a Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Public Affairs & Social Justice we have just bottled up one of the most effective strategists for targeting a marketplace and a team to deliver maximum results and analytics for your marketing dollars. Her passion for her work and community engagement was such a logical fit for our vision and your business that we had to bring her aboard. There will be a ton more about this division of Everything Elko as the fog of the coronavirus lifts but for now watch for: Daily tips and tricks for your online presence to weather this storm and come out striking when the restrictions are lifted. Immediately go to: and wildelkomarketing on instagram So you don’t miss a beat.

2. Katie will be touching base with you to get a pulse on how this pandemic is affecting you and your specific needs during this time of crisis as well as what we can do to better serve you.

3. The Everything Elko APP will continue its strong online presence and available for pushing notices, events and promotions

4. Lastly, we are working hard to make May the best magazine we have ever published!

In business success and survival,

Marin Wendell

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