State Farm Good Neighbor – 2020 Graduates

Entering the world on the heels of September 11th in some ways it may seem only fitting that the class of 2020 end their high school career in the middle of a Pandemic.  One of the most joyous times in a young persons life is in many ways being over shadowed.  I think back to the banquets, all nighters studying for finals, picking out my last prom dress, my last time out on the field, signing my senior banner, the tears in my mother’s eyes as I handed her a rose at graduation, and my heart breaks for every single young person that is not making those same memories this year.  

I then think about what opportunity each of them have before them.  These young people are uniquely positioned to be the greatest generation our world has ever seen.  All you have to do is reach out and take it.  You all have the special opportunity to be the generation born of true GRIT!  You will all have to pull yourselves up out of pretty incredibly unique circumstances and create something new. People are doing it all over the world.  Create this change and be wonderful! 

We could not be more proud of each and every graduate throughout all of Elko County, but we would like to give some special recognition to a few names that are dear to us within our Shabonya Dutton State Farm Family.  These Graduates are special to us and we wish you nothing but the very best in your future endeavors.

Austin Sexton – Carlin High School

Nichole Paiz – Spring Creek High School

Connor Barnum – Elko High School

Brooklyn Bogue – Elko High School

Reagan Shippy – Elko High School

Maddi Murray – Elko High School

Harley Sorensen – Elko High School

Dekota Mcphie – Elko High School

Kylie Hofhine – Elko High School

Topanga Glenn – Elko High School

Laurie Daines – Elko High School

Riley Blach – Elko High School

Jakob Jacaway – Elko High School

Kyle Phillips – Elko High School

Garrett Mckinney – Elko High School

Adrian Rodriguez-Estrada – Elko High School

Haley Rodriguez – Elko High School. 

Justin Harrell – Elko High School

Kyle Fowler – Elko High School

Sayer Beatty – Elko High School

Aprilia Craven – Elko High School

Logan Rich – Elko High School

Zoey Mcjunkin – Elko High School

Isabella Eklund – Elko High School

Hayden Vigil – Elko High School

Taylor Brown – Elko High School

Triston Bertalotto – Elko High School

Justin Stodtmeister – Elko High School

Levi Pulley – Elko High School

Mackenna Higgens – Elko High School

Garrett Gallaher – Elko High School

Lexi Bradshaw – Elko High School

Yanet Guizar – Elko High School

We are incredibly proud of each graduate. We wish every single one of you that have strived to make it to get your diploma the best of luck.  We also want to congratulate your support system. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and anyone else along the way who has guided you to reach this step. Often times it takes a strong support system to make us all successful people. Do not lose those that make you better while taking this next adventure in your life. We wish you great things. From all of us at Shabonya Dutton State Farm we cannot wait to write many Good Neighbor articles about you in the future!