Keep kids engaged & learning at home

  • Find ways to make learning fun and engaging by allowing your children to teach you a skill they have been learning at school or outside of school.
  • Look for games or hands-on activities to break up the day.
  • Encourage creative storytelling or writing.
  • Make phone or video calls to friends and family.
  • Consider outside activities such as hiking and walks, which can be done with family, but limit social interactions. 
  • Find a new interest or hobby that can be learned together by doing research or watching “how-to videos” together on YouTube.
  • Take virtual field trips.
  • Allow but limit and monitor online videogaming with friends and contact through social media.
    This will help keep kids connected to their friends.
  • Incorporate the extra-curricular activities your children would normally do outside of school into your daily routine at home.
  • Check out Elko County Library’s digital library online.
  • Involve your children in meal preparation and teach them cooking skills.
  • Incorporate math by teaching measurements or involving them in online shopping.
  • Teach gardening skills if the weather permits.

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