Cheryl Henning

A whole lot of heart and just as much pizazz to go with it is what you will find with our first Good Neighbor of the decade, Cheryl Henning. 

We could not have found a more fitting person to kick off 2020 than Cheryl. Her never ceasing giving spirit is only matched by her quick witted sense of humor and fun loving personality which makes her fast friends with all she meets. Her immediate warm smile is a quick introduction to the woman who wears many hats.

Cheryl met her husband Robert while they were both working in Oxnard, CA. It was there that they started their beautiful family together which includes their son Matthew and daughter Sydney, and oldest daughter Samantha. When their children were young they made the important decision that they wanted to find a better place to raise their family. They went online and found a website where they answered about twenty major questions about themselves then this particular website would match them with a city or town that fit their lifestyle.  Elko, NV was one of the top ten choices that the website chose for Cheryl and Robert.  They booked a trip, found a Realtor to show them properties in the area, and rented a car to drive around.  It was the moment that they ventured over the summit and saw the Ruby Mountains for the first time that they knew this was truly home.  Robert immediately was able to secure a position with Snyder Mechanical and the family made the transition to beautiful Spring Creek. 

Cheryl is a Broker/Salesperson at Century 21 Gold West Realty in addition she is the President elect of the Elko County Association of Realtors.  She has worked hard to move from the counter space she started with at Century 21 to the corner double window office she now holds.  She has earned the respect and confidence of not only her clients but her peers as well within our community.  In 2017 she was one of only 15 people selected out of the state to and attended the State Realtor Leadership Academy.  This incredibly prestigious takes several of your peers sending letters of recommendation on your behalf.  Cheryl works hard to make sure that everyone is educated.  Whether it is how to get a deal done, or how to write a contract correctly, Cheryl wants to make sure that her clients and the young realtors she comes into contact with have the knowledge that they need to be confident in every deal they do.  

Cheryl has recently brought an amazing new feature to our community called  It is a fun interactive way to get to meet a wide array of people throughout Elko and Spring Creek. Cheryl has interviewed everyone from Mayor Reece Keener to the owner of Gypsie Soul Tattoos Brandon Mugleston and everyone in between.  She spends time with each person discussing what brought them to our area, what they love about Elko, what is their favorite thing to do.  We really get to know a local business/business owner a little better. It is an incredibly conversational way to meet people throughout our community. We highly recommend you find her interviews through Elko-Spring-Creek.    

Soroptimists is another organization that is near and dear to Cheryl’s heart where she has been a member for the last four years. Any time that they need her to volunteer she is there ready and willing. This organization is one that she chooses to give her time to without question because they support the education and promotion of opportunity for young women throughout our community and worldwide. She helps them through fundraising and working during their annual dream it be it program. This annual mentorship day helps show young women what can be achieved through hard work and goal setting.   

Whether it is a quick joke to make you smile as you pass her on the street, or sound advice on how to make sure that you are truly doing the best thing for your client, Cheryl Henning is an example for us on how to make sure we are living our best life daily. She lives big for herself and those around her!

From all of us at Shabonya Dutton State Farm we would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for being a Good Neighbor today and every day!