Gadget Guy

1    Stealth CAM WXA Cellular Trail Cam
Stealth Cam® ups the ante on wireless image transmission and expands its coverage with the introduction new WXA cellular camera in Verizon or AT&T options. Transmit the most recent image immediately over wireless signal right to your phones with the new and improved app. New features include Take Test Photo, providing the ability to send a command to the camera to take and transmit a photo on demand. Enhanced location function plots cameras on Google maps within the app supplying the user a visual reference a to where their cameras are placed.

///  Stealth Cam $299
GunWorld and Archery

2    Reenactor III Mini Cannon
Small but mighty, this a fully functional, black powder burning, (mini) cannon ball shooting, miniaturized piece of artillery. Don’t be fooled by its size, the Reenactor III is extremely powerful, capable of blasting soda cans, bottles, and any other miniature foe! And of course, it’s all made in the USA.

///  Mini Cannon $115
Touch of modern

3    SLRV Commander 8×8
This eight-wheel-drive machine resembles a military truck. The chassis supports a solid three-piece living space that extends a full two stories when deployed. The bottom floor has a private master bedroom with double ranges, ovens, and refrigerators to keep up to 10 people fed. A king-size guest bed folds out over the lounge area, and the second story has six beds for your crew that is accessible by a folding staircase. The Commander uses batteries fed by solar panels and diesel generators for everything from 12-to-240 volt outlets. Hunt camp just got upgraded for those with an extra couple million dollars laying around.

///  Commander $2 million

4    Stikkan Kindling Tool
Invented in Norway in 1982, the Stikkan is a wall-mounted tool that makes quick work of turning split wood into kindling with cast iron construction. If the use of a hatchet worries you or your aim is a bit off the Stikkan uses a series of stepped rests to methodically and safely split large pieces of softwoods like pine and spruce getting your fire up and going. The Stikkan can be mounted indoors or out (mount it about 48″ from the ground; four lag screws are included), and has zinc electroplating to help prevent rust. Made in Sweden and backed with at 10-year warranty.

///  Stikkan kindling tool $179

5    Drinking Horns
You may say that has nothing to do with gadgets and I say what the hell. It’s a horn and you can drink beer out of it like a Viking. It’s time to reinvent your beer drinking game. Drinking Horns knows just what details you’re currently eyeing, and offers pieces you didn’t even know you needed. In small or large. Pictured is natural buffalo horn. You can look at your gadgets while drinking from this one of a kind mug.

///  Drinking Horns $32