DIY Christmas Ornaments & Magnets

Contributed by Kerby Lane DIY

Here’s What You Need:
· Christmas card printable or your own holiday cards
· Small Wood Slices
· Mod Podge (Matte or Gloss)
· Paint Brush
· Pencil and Scissors
· Strong Magnets (optional)
· Glue (E-6000 works well)

Step #1. Place wood cutout over the top of the part of the Christmas Card you would like to have on the ornament/ magnet.

Step #2. Trace around the wood cutout. Do this on all of the cards / wood slices you have. You can do it front and back as well or leave the back so that you can write a date on it.

Step #3. Use scissors and cut out your traced circle, cut on the inside of the line so that a little wood shows on the front. Repeat with all traced circles.

Step #4. Apply a medium layer of Mod Podge to the back of the Christmas card and apply it to the wood circle. Press down firmly and smooth out with your fingers. Make sure all bubbles are out.

Step #5. Let this dry and then apply a coat over the top of the Christmas Card cutout. This will help seal it and keep it from peeling up.

Step #6. (Optional) you can sand and or stain around the edges to add a rustic touch.

Step #7. If making an Ornament out of them you can apply a dot of glue a piece of jute string to hang it from. For magnets apply a dot of glue and press a magnet firmly down on the glue until it stays. Let dry completely before hanging.