Contributed by Tosha Kerby

Step # 1. Choose your pumpkin! Have fun with this step. You can choose a Real or a styrofoam one, a tall skinny or a short round, orange or white! Whatever speaks to you! The steps are the same no matter which you choose. Note: If you choose a Real pumpkin when it gets soft be sure to remove your succulents before tossing the pumpkin they will continue to grow in any pot.

  • Have some fun with it also! If you want to add a little paint like we did it is a fun way to help them match decor or to personalize it to each individuals home.

Step #2. Use a knife and carefully cut out the top. Like you would before carving one. We chose a styrofoam one and with those we need to make a little room for the soil and roots so carve out a little more room. Note: If you went with a real one don’t worry about taking any of the seeds out as they will provide moisture for your succulents!

Step #3. Gently take each succulent out of the pot and depending on the size you chose gently break some of the soil off from around the roots. And place it in. Tip: Start with your largest/ tallest succulent first and place it in towards the back and then place the others around it.

Step # 4. After you have placed all your succulents in the pumpkin you will want to give them a little bit of water & Enjoy! Tip: Succulents do not need a lot of water to survive, I use a spray bottle and mist them every few days.


{This arrangement would make the most perfect hostess gift for Thanksgiving, or a great centerpiece for a fall gathering, in which you’re entertaining. It would also be a thoughtful, handmade gift for family, friends, teachers, or coworkers.}