Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Contributed by Tosha Kerby

Supplies Needed:
• Silicon Mold Tray
• Plaster of Paris
• Paint (we used Apple Barrel Brand)
• Measuring Cup
• Stir Sticks
• Individual Cups
• Bowl

Slowly Mix 1 3/4 Cups of Water into 2 cups Plaster of Paris. Mix it to the consistency of lightweight pancake batter.

STEP #2 
Add approx 1 tsp of Paint into each cup.

STEP #3 
Pour Plaster mixture evenly into each cup.

STEP #4 
Stir together and add more paint to desired color.

STEP #5  
Pour into silicon tray. Tap tray to make sure mixture is settled with no bubbles.

STEP #6 
Let set for 24-48 hours. Or until it is completely dried.

STEP #7 

*Washes off with water!


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