DJI Mavik 2 Pro
Drones are becoming smaller and more advanced putting professional technology in the hands of the amateur photographer. The new Mavik by DJI has incredible new technology. The new Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera with a 20 MP 1” CMOS sensor with 10 bit HDR video just means this is one bad ass camera and will give you Hollywood style photographs and video. This is surrounded by DJI’s well known nimble for steady recording options as well as new and improved flight performance. 31 minute flight time, Active track that allows you to have your drone follow you… and so much more. You just have to check it out online. No matter what your activity this drone will capture what you want when you want it.

///  DJI Mavik 2 Pro $1499

Oakley Wind Jacket Sunglasses
Are you having flashbacks to the 80’s? Well you’re not alone. The 80’s seem to be making a come back or at least they are trying. Especially with these Wind Jacket sun glasses by Oakley. Full frame and almost like a goggle, these “sunny’s” will definitely fir your performance needs. Whether you’re breezing down a hill on your bike or cruising in your side by side these will no doubt block what you need blocked. Be sure you have ZINKA for your nose and cheeks too!

///  Oakley 2.0 Metallic Splatter Collection $160
5th Gear Motorsports Elko

On Cloud “Cloud Flyer”
The lightest and most comfortable running shoe in the world will have you feeling like you are running on a cloud. This Swiss based company set out to design a running shoe… well, for runners. They focused on comfort and cushioning with the idea that you can train our problems in your feet much like a toddler will have flat feet yet develop healthy arches with walking or running. The shoes are made to meet your feet where they are at and allow a more comfortable and technical run with energy return technology and so much more.

///  On Cloud “Cloud Flyer” $159

2020 KTM Endurance Bike 500 EXC-F
Stand back or hold on tight, this is the most powerful dual-sport on the market. The new generation KTM 500 EXC-F packs a thrilling 4-stroke punch while still delivering outstanding rideability. Thanks to a completely reworked chassis and its even more compact high-tech engine, this large-displacement power machine is surprisingly light with excellent agility. As a result, this awesome 510 cc SOHC single cylinder bombshell has an incredible power-to-weight ratio and provides nothing less than the most dynamic dual-sport experience available.

///  2020 KTM Endurance Bike 500 EXC-F  $TBD

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