State Farm’s Good Neighbor – July 2019
Friends 4 Life

We live in such a giving, caring, community! When someone in our community is in need so many people in our community rally together to help them. Whether it be an illness, an accident, any other medical need or the death of a loved one. I am so grateful to live where I do.

The objective of this article is to promote and make our community aware of an incredible non-profit organization that is dear to my heart, Friends For Life. Friends For Life is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1996 and consisting of a diversified group of volunteers working together for a common goal…providing financial and support services for Elko County residents. “FFL” is sensitive to the overwhelming emotional and financial needs of families faced with life threatening medical conditions.

Many families have benefited from the numerous support programs and funding available through “FFL”. As Elko County continues to grow, so do the needs of its residents.

“FFL” is sensitive to the overwhelming emotional and financial needs of families faced with life threatening medical conditions.

Friends for Life is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission “to provide financial and other assistance to Elko County residents who are suffering significant hardships as a result of serious medical conditions and who are unable to provide for the financial burdens they encounter. 

I know many who seek out Go Fund Me as a fundraiser and this is a good tool to use if you fully understand how it works, the risks involved, fees incurred and tax consequences to the beneficiary. I had a personal experience with a Go Fund Me account when my sister passed away three years ago. Some ex-coworkers of hers set it up as a fund for her son. They used her photos and photos of her son to capture attention of others. Friends, co-workers, and even strangers donated to the fund for her son. My sister was a beautiful, young, single, mom and it was a heart wrenching situation. The problem was the ex-coworkers put someone as the beneficiary who did not have her son’s best interests at heart. Needless to say her son never received the $5,500 that was supposed to go to him. It was reported as fraud by several people but nothing could be done about it. The ex-coworkers had good intentions and they had no idea this person would not do the right thing. I’m not saying this is common I just want to make people aware so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. This is why I wanted to make our community more aware of Friends For Life. In our community almost any fund raiser related to a medical need can go through them. This assures it is safe, all of the funds go to the recipient and if they happen to be on any income limiting programs the funds donated will not affect them. This is a big advantage as compared to any other fund raising agendas. 

Services offered are: medical hardship assistance, assistance referrals, human services, medical travel and lodging, emergency needs and support groups.

Fundraisers that support Friends For Life: Don Wilkinson Memorial Golf Tournament, Ross-Herrera Golf Tournament and many local churches.


Hello my name is Nora Arevalo. I’m a mom of 3 handsome boys. My husband and I have recently faced ourselves looking down a long path no parent should ever have to, even more, no child should ever have to go through… my oldest son who just turned 5 was diagnosed with leukemia. He already had two blood transfusions, 3 lumbar punctures, 2 bone marrow procedures and a port put in his chest for chemo, we now call it his Ironman because it’s been the easiest way to explain what has been going on to him, his first reaction was that he didn’t want to be Ironman and doesn’t want to fly. I told him he didn’t have to worry about flying yet, for now it’s only needed until he is 100% better, it’s what’s going to help him get strong and healthy. He recently developed a blood clot and is now on blood thinners getting injected 2 times a day for 3 months. We are looking at a treatment plan that will last 3 1/4 years if all goes well, even though I really hate asking for help, I know I’m going to need every bit of what I can receive. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you in advance for any donations or even a prayer or two our way. Cancer can suck it!!! All I can do is leave it in God’s hands and pray that we get to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that my baby can enjoy the rest of his life.


Donations can be made at


Leave a message 24/7 on 775-738-8101 and your call will be responded to ASAP.

To learn more about or donate to:
Friends For Life
President/CEO Marge Warmbrodt
PO Box 1143 Elko, NV 89801

Phone: 775-738-8101