Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist – Peggy Jones

Peggy Jones recalls always having been an inspired and creative student of the arts.

As with many great artists, her earliest memories are of exploring her creativity under her mother’s guidance and tutelage. Peggy directed her life long love of art into the field of interior design and earned her degree from the University of Wyoming.

Peggy worked with clients to understand and mirror their emotions, color preferences, style, likes and dislikes in her design statements. Peggy shares her feeling that while creating each proposal for clients, her focus relates to composing an original landscape design. Just as human habitat should reflect the soul of the human inhabitants, Peggy says any form of her art, mirrors her own interpretation and her creative essence. Though her career has veered from Interior Design, she works to explore her artistic energy on a daily basis. She continues to follow her talents utilizing many different mediums including watercolor, acrylic, pencil and chalk landscapes, conte’, charcoal, jewelry, leather and ceramics.

One of PJ’s passions, is to support art education and outreach for her community. She is a member of the Leadership Board for Elko County Art Club and volunteers many hours of her time and talents helping organize art classes, exhibits, and events. Enjoy the art of Peggy Jones, on exhibit at the Taber Building Gallery, Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 to 3:00 pm and during special events in the City Center of Elko.

Contributed by Susanne Reese

Elko County Art Club
407 Railroad St, Elko