Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist

Paul Noland

Paul Noland has spent over 40 years exploring for and evaluating mineral deposits all over the Western Hemisphere. 30 of those years dedicated to gold exploration in Northeastern Nevada and in Elko. He was raised and educated in Texas, where his love of open landscapes, nature, and science culminated in his career as a geologist. His work and travels as an exploration geologist made photography a natural choice for a second area of study, eventually resulting in the realization of options for exhibiting his art and pursuing professional artistic photography. Mineral exploration necessarily involves frequent and wide ranging travel, which of course, provides photo opportunities. Paul says, “I do use photography in my work, but it is more ‘forensic’ or ‘documentation’ than artistic. However, as I travel for business, I always look for photo opportunities and side trips to unique locations. For example, I recently examined two small gold mines near Wickenburg, Az. While there, I took several days to travel to and photograph the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelly.”

Paul Noland’s work is primarily based in film photography, having started using digital cameras only recently. His work reflects his interests and passions for travel and wildlife viewing. Photography allows Paul the opportunity to express his artistic eye and ability to capture the energy and beauty of the moment.

His photograph, Sparring Mustangs won a Presenter’s Choice Award at Shooting the West in 2016. Paul placed First in Photography in the Elko 2017 Centennial Exhibit. Paul says he is happy to have discovered the Elko Art Club as a venue to expand his knowledge base, meet fun and interesting people, and share a passion for the photographic arts with others. As a member of the Elko County Art Club Artist Advisory Committee, Paul is helping curate, mentor, and coordinate exhibits for other Northeastern Nevada Artists.

Paul’s photography has been published on the cover of ‘The Local’, a travel and tourism magazine based on the Bolivar Peninsula, Texas, as well as, contributed pages to the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology annual calendar, and is currently serving as Vice President of the Sage Photographic Society. 

Paul Noland  |  |  775-388-1412

Contributed by Susanne Reese, President Elko County Art Club
Elko County Art Club Cooperative  |  407 Railroad St, Elko  |  775-753-8170

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