Erika Schaubach

Elko County Art Club Cooperative  |  407 Railroad Street, Elko, NV
775-753-8170  |

It is a rare pleasure to meet a person who lives to be creative and productive. The energy of an artist may be one of their most engaging traits. Excitement about life, interest in details, and their desire to share ideas through artistic medium make them interesting people to encounter. Erika is an emerging artist working in our Elko community, teaching Education Outreach Programs to children’s groups at teh California Trail Interpretive Center.

Educated at Old Dominion University for her undergraduate degree, Erika focused on metal smithing more than any medium in her studio art minor. She used jewelry to explore mortality by creating miniature metal body parts. It seemed a natural transition from portrait drawing. She has studied drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, 3-D design, graphic design, screen printing, alternative jewelry, and even a neon lights class.

Erika aspires to combine interpretation and art to make viewers examine the relationship between life, art, and death. She will also be collaborating with other artists to expand her projects. Projects in the works include a collaboration with a local guitar designer, a self-illustrated book of Erika’s poetry, large scale pointillism galaxies, and a collection focusing on  fly fishing and fish prints.

Contributed by Susanne Reese, President & Gallery Director Elko County Art Club

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