Fine Art Photographer – Design Marketing
Elko County Art Club  |  407 Railroad Street, Elko, NV  |  775-753-8170

  • Patton’s newer work, a macro world of patterns and color.
  • Dave Patton’s fascination with historic architecture led to his Canto, Visions of the Old West.

Dave Patton’s famous ‘art photographer’s view’ of the world, is a family trait handed down to him by his father, also a noted photographer with a love of nature. Dave’s creative bent was recognized by family and friends at an early age.

The family spent summer vacations hiking the Yosemite high country with cameras, sketch pads, and painting kits. Knowing Dave, I believe his genius exists on a level between science and art. He excels at experimenting and creating new vistas while documenting earth and cultural divides. He shares his appreciation of history and believes there must be a story within each image. His style varies between photo-realism and abstract. Dave is fascinated by pattern, color, and symbolism.

Patton’s extensive background in television and film industries, as both Art Director and Creative Director, honed his creative energy and sharpened his eye. Dave’s interest in viewing the world from many aspects, traveling and exploring his many interests, has contributed to several well reviewed exhibits of his work.

Elko County’s Art Club Cooperative of Northeastern Nevada Artists invites you to view our Gallery featuring many original works Tuesday thru Saturday 11:00 to 3:00 pm.