Contributed by Susanne Reese, President & Gallery Director Elko County Art Club

Larry Hyslop is a remarkable person. I first met Larry during a Sage Grouse Local Area Group Meeting. Then I ran in to him during Elko’s Stewardship Group discussion, and again planning Art In the Park logistics at the Elko County Art Club.  He also owns and operates the Gray Jay Press. Larry says, “My goal is to inform my readers about the natural world and encourage them to get outdoors and explore it.”

Larry Hyslop is also an accomplished artist. He first learned pottery from the Tuscarora Pottery School and the Parks family.  Blackmore pottery is his primary interest and area of expertise. He enjoys polishing clay rather than glazing it.  He likes the simplicity of the two basic colors, black and white. His is an ancient technique practiced by the Pueblo tribes of North America.  This distinctive black and white clay technique was a favorite throughout the history of Greeks and Romans.

The author of several books, Larry Hyslop writes the weekly column, “Nature Notes” in the Elko Daily Free Press.