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Denim Discussions

Denim Discussions with Thaysha of Buckaroo Boutique How do you preserve those favorite jeans of yours?  Did you know just the way you wash them can help to protect them?  Shopping for jeans can feel like such a task, there are so many styles and brands where do you even begin? […]

Painted Holiday Canister

Painted Holiday Canister Contributed by Tosha Kerby Materials: Smooth Sided Mason Jars (pints or quarts) Bunny Stencil Paint (chalk paint or any acrylic paint will work) Sponge Brush Instructions: Step 1 Pick your design. If you don’t have a way to cut the stencil and good “hack” is to print your design […]

Chiropractic Care and Golfers

Golfers Love Chiropractic

Golfers Love Chiropractic By Dr. Todd Wendell of Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Looking to improve your golf game or recover from an injury naturally?  We can help. For many, a relaxing game of golf is the perfect way to spend a sunny weekend with three of your best friends. But, the […]