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Mark Hayward

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist Mark Hayward Mark Hayward’s intellectual and  creative energy was captured by the science and art of photography early in his life. He found his passion when he began photographing nature and then by honing his skills and continuing to focus on improving his technical print making […]

Get Pink Elko County!

Get Pink Elko County! Are you or someone you know in need of financial assistance to help pay for the cost of healthcare exams? Get Pink Elko County’s vision is local and out of concern for those closest to us.  Most of us know someone who has battled cancer and […]

Wading Birds on the Humboldt River

Contributed by Lois Ports for Bristlecone Audubon Driving over the Humboldt River via the 12th Street bridge you can see the effects of our hot summer. The Humboldt is slowly drying up in some stretches. All that is left in many areas are pools of water not much bigger than […]