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Have Fun Indoors

8 FUN ACTIVITIES Temperatures are dropping which means kids are spending a lot more time indoors. Snow days are great fun, but you can’t spend the entire day outside in the snow. To help keep screen time to a minimum, here’s a fun list of indoor Winter Activities for kids […]

State Farm’s Good Neighbor DECEMBER 2018

George Quintana As parents we spend most of our waking hours thinking about our kids.  Did I give her lunch money? Was he wearing his jacket when he left for the bus?  Is she eating enough vegetables, maybe I should start sneaking some cauliflower in the mash potatoes?  How well […]

Holiday Season Tips for your Pets

Contributed by Elko Veterinary Clinic Thanksgiving has come to a close, and the season of the holidays is in full swing! Our households are starting to hum with the busy-ness of preparing for travel, holiday dinners and gift wrapping; and likely our pets will not quite be the centers of […]