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Peggy Jones

Northeastern Nevada Featured Artist – Peggy Jones Peggy Jones recalls always having been an inspired and creative student of the arts. As with many great artists, her earliest memories are of exploring her creativity under her mother’s guidance and tutelage. Peggy directed her life long love of art into the […]

Geese of Winter

Canada Geese are common in our area and most are considered permanent residents. There will also be flocks of migrating geese that spend their winter in our area. The majority of these migrating geese will be Canada Geese but there are other geese species that are less frequently seen. The […]

Get Fit Gadgets

Activ5 If “on the go” better describes your life, you may consider this nifty little gadget to keep your workouts going. Activ uses the power of an isometric (no joint movement) muscle contraction. Activ gives you immediate feedback as to how much pressure or how hard you are contracting a […]