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Nevada Wetlands

Celebrating the Wonders of Wetlands

Wetlands are the link between land and water – where the flow of water, the cycling of nutrients, and the energy of the sun meet to create highly productive ecosystems with unique plant and animal life.  300+ native animal species and 50+ native plant species depend on Nevada’s Wetlands! Wetlands refer to […]

The Great Wall - Travel

History isn’t Promised

As human beings, we’re guilty of saying “We’ll go there on our next trip,” and “There’s always next summer.” The truth is, next year isn’t always promised. Just last month, the world watched Notre Dame become engulfed in flames, losing three main parts of the historical structure. Now, France is […]

Our Friends in the Gardens

Our Friends in the Gardens Contributed by Marvel Clyde, Owner, Colorscapes Greenhouse and Nursery Beneficial insects thrive in healthy gardens keeping pests in check and adding to the sensory pleasures of being outside. The number of actual damaging pests is miniscule when compared to the many beneficial insects; including predators […]