Community Spotlight

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Elko cannot thank you enough for supporting our youth members and our mission to enable youth to reach their full potential. The Boys & Girls Club of Elko serves over 300 children every day. Forty-seven percent of  these children are low income families that rely on us for care and support. Thirty-three percent of Nevada youth are overweight or obese, one out of five Nevada children lives in poverty, and three out of ten kids in Elko will not graduate on time. For over 21 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Elko has given our young people the support, guidance, tools, and skills to succeed in life. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Elko has become a staple in Elko County by offering quality youth development services, before and after school programs, summer camp, and youth sports. Our membership has grown from 1,100 member in 2019 to over 1,300 current members. This COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly changed life here at the Club. With two main fundraisers canceled, our fight to raise money for our members has become even tougher. 

Please help us in getting our Club and Elko County turned in the right direction. Thank you.