Kristina Drake Shoe Drive

When: February 1st – June 26th
Where: Box at Century 21
Sponsored by Kristina Drake, 775-934-7278,, Lic #S.0179014

State Farm Good Neighbor

“Mom, Mommy, Mom!!! You got me the lightening shoes! Watch how fast they make me run.  I can go super speed like Catboy in these shoes.” 

Shrills of exhilaration are promptly followed by the whoosh of my three year old zooming past me in his new tennis shoes, bright blue cat boy cape and an old pair of his dad’s safety glasses. This moment of pure joy for him brings laughter bubbling out of me and I quickly join in the race around the kitchen island. I of course am simply in a pair of socks so I slip and slide all over the place and quickly fall to floor. If I had special “lightening tennis shoes” on I too would have been able to keep the game going.  It is the same safety principle that kids face on the playground, gym, or their own homes. This is why Kristina Drake started the Tennis Shoe drive for Kids in Elko County. 

Kristina has been a Realtor for four years and has been with Century 21 that entire time. She started the Shoe Drive in order to ensure that kids who did not have adequate shoes were able to have warm, safe foot attire year round. This way they would be able to safely play sports, on play grounds, or simply be able to walk to the bus stop. 2020 is the second year that she has ran her shoe drive. There are three drop off locations The Family Engagement Center at GBC located at 1105 Fairgrounds Rd in Elko NV., the Century 21 office at 393 12th St Elko NV, and Family Resource Center at 331 7th St Elko NV. The Shoe Drive goes from February 1st-June 26th and takes all sizes boys and girls from little babies up to adults so that all children can be helped. The goal is to provide the most versatile shoe possible which is why they look for tennis shoe donations.  

We think that this is an amazing cause and hope to see it help an incredible amount of children in our area! Thank you Kristina for doing this amazing work. You truly are a Good Neighbor.

If you have anyone you would like to nominate as a good neighbor please call 775.738.3423 or