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This time of the year is so hard on our hair. Both the bitter cold weather outside and the dry heat of indoors can wreak havoc on the health of our hair. Winter leaves our hair dry, brittle, damaged and a crazy, staticky mess. Coming in to the salon for a hair treatment is one way to rejuvenate your hair but there are also things you can do to improve the health of your hair on a regular basis. Here are a few tips on fighting off winter hair damage!


Be careful with wet hair

Wet hair is very fragile and vulnerable to breakage. It is important to be careful when detangling wet hair, making sure you are using a gentle detangling brush. If you continue to struggle with a lot of tangles, it is worth it to invest in a good detangling product.



Skip the wash

If you can get away with it try not to wash your hair every day. There are numerous benefits to not washing your hair every day. During this time of the year, not washing every day will help prevent a dry, flaky, and irritated scalp. Skipping a wash will allow your hair to preserve its natural oils and give your hair and scalp the moisture it needs. If you need a little volume boost to avoid limp, lifeless hair on your non wash days a little dry shampoo will do wonders.




Try incorporating a deep conditioner or hair mask into your weekly regimen. Using a higher moisture product once a week will do wonders in preventing dry hair that is full of static. If that isn’t enough try an oil based product to lock in extra moisture.



Come see us!

Nothing beats the quality of an in salon hair treatment! Swing in and try out some of the awesome treatments we offer from a high-shine and moisture gloss to a rejuvenating scalp scrub. We have a variety of products to help combat the toll winter takes on your hair.


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