Halloween Party Ideas

Contributed by Nicole Ball

Halloween is a favorite holiday for a lot of people! What could be better? Dressing up, eating candy, watching scary movies, having a party…the list goes on and on! But what makes a great Halloween party? Here’s a list to help get you started!
Be sure to adjust it to the appropriate age for your particular party!

Halloween Food Fun!


Food is a given at pretty much any party! The great thing about food at a Halloween party is that you can take normal party foods and put a creepy twist on them!

– Bloody looking drinks are one option. You can get jello shot syringes and put punch in them for little ones, or an alcoholic beverage in them for adults! Either way, it’s fun and a little gory! To top them off, set them in a bowl filled with dry ice and ice cubes with a touch of water. It will keep your drinks cold, plus add a little bit of fog! (don’t put the dry ice in anything you’ll be putting in your mouth)

– Add color to almost any food to make it more Halloweeny!
Black is always a good option (hey, who wouldn’t want some black pasta salad!). Lime green and purple are also great Halloween colors to add a little fun to your party!

– Looking for something sweet?
Try white cupcakes topped with black eyes! Easy to make, and everyone will get a kick out of them!


You don’t have to go overboard on the decorations! A couple of bags of spider web can go a long way! It’s easy to put up, and it’s easy to take down. When putting up spider web, be sure to spread the strands out really thin to give it a realistic effect. 

Black lights also add quite a bit of ambience. This is a cheap and easy way to spook a room up! If you feel like the room is too dark with no white light bulbs, grab a couple of bloody candlestick lights to set around to add a little more light, and still keep it spooky!

Creepy music is key to creating a great Halloween atmosphere! Get a creepy sounds cd, or find something on any of the music streaming services, and let it play! 

SKELETONS! Skeletons are a GREAT decoration! Don’t have any skeletons lying around? Save some bones. Any kind of bones. Chicken, pork, beef- when you cook, save your bones and boil them until they’re clean of any meat. Allow them to dry, then spray on a coating of clear acrylic sealer. Lay these around your food table. 


If you’re throwing a party for little ones, you’re going to want to keep them entertained! Some simple games include bobbing for apples, which is always fun and hilarious! A pinata is a great thing to have at a kids Halloween party. Too much candy? Fill the pinata with a variety of Halloween toys instead! Witch Pitch is another great Halloween game. Simply purchase some miniature cauldrons and have kids toss candy corn into them. 

Turn your party into a costume contest! This is fun no matter what the age of your guests! Let everyone at the party vote for their favorite, with no votes for themselves! All of the costumes not only make the party fun, but they add to the decoration! 

A Halloween party is a great way to celebrate this fun holiday, and a great way to keep your kids off of the streets trick-or-treating (because that’s exhausting for us parents!). But it doesn’t have to be so much work that you don’t enjoy it too! Keep it simple, keep it creepy, and have a great time!!!