Wood, Pellet & Gas Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts Maintenance

Annual Services and Cleanings
Comforts of Home highly recommends yearly cleanings & services for your Wood, Pellet & Gas Units. Proper and regular maintenance is necessary to keep your appliance running efficiently as well as extending its longevity.

Do you feel like your fireplace, stove or insert is losing heat? When was the last time it has been cleaned or inspected?
Comforts of Home is licensed and ready to inspect your fireplace, stove or insert to ensure your safety and comfort during the winter months. Trust us to give you sound quality advice, fair prices, and dependable service.

Is there really a difference between stove Pellet’s?
In our experience, we find that pellets are in fact one of those products that you do “get what you pay for.” We recommend a high BTU pellet with no dirt added. 

The high BTU pellet will burn hotter, allowing your pellets to last longer. This will help eliminate how many pellets  you will need to purchase during a season (less work!).

Finding a pellet with little to no dirt added will make a difference with how much ash and “clinkers” are being produced, which will lead to less cleaning needed (again, less work!). Dirt in pellets creates a hard rock like matter (clinker) in your stove that can cause your stove to shut down continuously, and clog up your stove over time causing deeper, more expensive issues. Little to no dirt in your pellets will also allow your stove burn more efficiently.

Come by and test our Packsaddle Pellets
They give you less than 1 tsp. of ash per bag with NO “clinkers”,
and burn extremely hot (made of 100% Doug Fir).