Shop Local Elko

Basque Magnet
Stop in to see all the Basque gifts available.
Custom Stained Glass & Gifts, 397 Court Street, Elko



Car Freshener
Couldn’t resist this lemon scented car freshener….plus the message!!! Lots of other varieties available!
Carlin Trend, 369 5th Street, Elko 




Game Night
Our new family obsession!!! We seriously play these every night! Highly recommend them to and for everyone!
Carlin Trend, 369 5th Street, Elko


Spa Bombs
Available in a variety of scents including Lavender and Cucumber Melon.
Touch of Heaven Spas, 2160 Idaho Street, Elko


Sign DIY
Make your own sign..with sparkle paint!
Kerby Lane DIY, 1302 Mtn City Hwy, #102-B