Troy Bullock

A Star in Our Town

I don’t care who you are…when you meet a star – you know it! 

So when Troy Bullock and his team contacted me about grabbing a cup of coffee…I said yes! I will admit I was not raised with country music, but I have learned to love it and can say that I am pretty familiar with the current hits and of course the classics! 

Within a few seconds of searching “Troy Bullock”, I see that I recognize him! What?!? Yes he is the artist who was topping the charts with his song ‘Country Go Round’ …next thought… he’s in Elko??

This star, and let me define star in my world…(someone with raw talent that has developed their gift and has the drive to make it to the big time…) is here in Elko! Come to find out that although not born and raised in Elko, he is like many of us who have been brought to Elko for one reason or another and are lucky enough to adopt Elko as our hometown. As Troy describes to me his lengthy past in the music world and his time out of the music world… he mentions how his wife and him were in Alaska loving life and not looking back. So… my thoughts exactly …what happened? Troy says although his wife would ask him frequently whether he missed the music business or not…he would quickly say “nope!” Then one day she asked …and he said…”I think I do!” That’s when Elko shows back up in the picture. Knowing he couldn’t break back into the music business from Alaska, they knew they had to move … one place stood out for both of them Elko… “we used to pass through a lot and performed a few times and we always loved the people and the town… felt like home to us.”

So the time between being in the charts to now? Well there are, of course, a ton of details and a ton of versions as to what Mr. Bullock was up to. Like many of our life stories there wasn’t one thing or one event that happened, but a build up of events that ultimately pushes us in a direction. Listening to Troy talk about his past, it made me think of a “walkabout” – a time for him and his wife time to find out their true why, their true passion in order to live and love with no regrets. Seeing that kind of fire in someone is not only invigorating, it is infectious. He has just recently released his latest single, “Junior & Waylon” that is now available on cdbaby and iTunes and has also just released his newest album, PAYDIRT!

Being the owner of The Everything Elko Magazine, I feel that our entire community deserves to hear about this star in our town – to hear and see updates from him as he goes on his journey to the top of the charts again! I made him promise to notify us as often as he could with tour dates and any exciting news so that I can pass that on to all of you! 

If you haven’t heard of Troy Bullock, check him out!! 

If you have….well get ready for him to make his comeback!

PAYDIRT Album is available now!