Share your Heart and your Home
Become a Foster Family

Nevada Division of Child and Family Services

In rural Nevada, many teens and children need a safe, temporary living situation so Nevada
Division of Child and Family Services  (DCFS) is looking for devoted families and individuals
willing to share their heart and their home by becoming a licensed foster caregiver.

Attendance for three days of training is required for general foster or adoptive applicants.

Foster and adoptive care needs arise when the safety and protection of a child is not met by their parents or caregiver. If relatives cannot be located for a child who needs out-of-home placement services, DCFS helps by arranging foster care placement. The removal of a child from his or her natural environment is taken only as a last resort, as part of the overall continuum of services provided by DCFS.

“Foster families provide a family life experience for a child removed from their own home. They help children heal and feel supported,” said Lori Nichols, LSW, recruiter at Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. “Foster parents are a critical part of the child welfare team. They support children and birth families in preparation for reunification.”

DCFS utilizes the P.R.I.D.E. (Parent Resource for info, Development and Education) curriculum, which is designed to educate and equip prospective foster caregivers to address the unique challenges they may face.

About Nevada Division of Child and Family Services Nevada Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) together in partnership with families, community supporters and other governmental agencies, provides support and services to assist Nevada’s children and families in reaching their full human potential.