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Rolls-Royce Accel Electric Airplane
Rolling in your new Tesla and locating charging stations may not be as intense as the new Rolls-Royce electric airplane. While there may not be any charging station in the sky yet, this 500 HP unit has a range of 200 miles at a top speed of 300 mph. 6,000 tightly packed cells make up the battery that powers 3 lightweight motors propelling you across the skies with zero emission.

/// Rolls-Royce Accel Electric Airplane $TBD
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FIM Caravans “Migrator” Off-Road Camper
If you are going to do one thing do it well. FIM Caravans offers only one version of their Off-Road Camper with a variety of options. This snug little trailer sleeps two and boasts a kitchen in the rear hatch including stove refrigeration and LED lights abound. Luggage compartment and freshwater tank are surrounded by a lightweight fiberglass compartment that will have you camping in your favorite off-road hideaways.

/// Off-Road Camper $14,500
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Boveda Butler
Cigar Aficionados, hobbies and enthusiast will love this option for their humidor. Of course nowadays this works for tobacco or herbs you put in your humidor to help monitor your RH, temp and more. No need for a separate hygrometer and thermometer anymore and Bluetooth connect quickly using the Boveda app. Set up alerts and monitor your prized ‘Gars without having to open your humidor.

/// Boveda Butler $20
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Furrion Rova Electric Cooler
This is the cooler of all coolers. More like a personal assistant while keeping ice up to 10 days it has interchangeable battery pods that will last 7 days each. Combo this with USB charging ports, 110V outlet, Qi wireless charging dock and of course wheels to move it around. Charge with accessory solar panels and conveniently use a pull out tray for food prep or to set your chilled libations.

/// Furrion Rova Electric Cooler $799
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