Karri Floud
State Farm’s Good Neighbor

If you are anything like me you feel excited anticipation when you know that something you have ordered is waiting for you at home. It could be the new shirt you ordered exclaiming “Chaos Coordinator”, or maybe it’s the new parts for the ’79 Chevrolet step side that you are restoring, either way most of us cannot wait to open those packages and show off our new gear. There are also few things that are as frustrating as getting that “Package Delivered” text/email and getting home to find nothing there. Instead you spend hours on the phone or chatting with customer service to try and find your lost items. Karri Floud makes sure that her customers do not have to suffer through this process. She makes sure that we receive our packages and even goes above the call of duty to make this happen.

Karri spent her formative years in Canton Ohio. It is here that she lived until she decided to follow her parents to Florida when she was thirty. She spent time as well in Gillette WY before moving to Elko two years ago. Karri has been married to her husband Greg for fifteen years. Together they have two daughters, Stephanie who lives in Wyoming with her fiancée Matt and son Wyatt who is one, and Emily who lives in Texas with her husband Christian. The most important thing in Karri’s life is her family. She greatly enjoys the time that she gets to spend with her children and grandson. Greg and Karri were recently able to spend time with Wyatt all by themselves for the first time! Grandma and Grandpa had a great time playing with him and making sure that he was adequately spoiled.

Karri came to the Elko area to further her career with Coach USA. She made the decision to leave Coach after an accident and returned to a career with FEDEX. Karri has worked for FEDEX off and on for over five years. Here in Elko she works for Owens Transportation who is contracted by FEDEX for the ground service in our area. Karri is the supervisor in charge of routes and drivers for Owens Transportation. She over sees eight routes and ten drivers. She does this while still driving and delivering packages on the largest route in our area. Karri is constantly thinking of ways to help improve the company and make things run more efficiently.
Karri goes above and beyond to make sure that she provides the best customer service at all times. There have been numerous times where Karri has had packages for our office and she knew that we were closed so she called and brought them to our homes. As we were sitting together Karri told me of an instance that morning where a customer had a package that required a signature but the recipient would not be home. Karri asked them where they worked and delivered that package to their work address instead. Karri said, “Seeing faces light up because it’s like I’m bringing them the world” is her favorite part of her job. She loves all of the interactions she has with people every day.

The time of year is coming where we more and more depend on our package carriers. The Holidays have been saturated with sending packages to loved ones, or receiving gifts that we purchase online. Having people like Karri who make sure that this time goes smoothly for all of us means so much. We greatly appreciate all that she does for us and our community. A huge thank you from all of us at Shabonya Dutton State Farm for everything you have done and will do in the next few months.

If you have someone that you would like to nominate as a good neighbor please call our office at 775.738.3423 or email kayla.ozman.waav@statefarm.com