Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammocks
There’s nothing better than relaxing when you get back to your truck after a long stalk or scouting trek. Relax in the Hammaka hammocks that easily slip into a standard receiver. Perfect for the mid day siesta or hot days when all the game has bedded down. Supports up to 500 pounds so you and friend can lounge around together. Foot rest allows you to extend back and if you back your truck in the right direction it might just work for a perfect glassing chair.

///  Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Hammocks $300
Available at kingspond.com


Bite Helper
When you are out in the wild there is nothing worse then mosquitoes and when you are on a vital stalk of that big buck, there’s nothing worse than having to itch that day old bite. The noise and itching could cost you dearly, but not if you have bite helper. A battery operated, chemical and drug free device that uses their innovative Thermo- Pulse technology that eliminates the itch and helps shrink the bite mark. The Thermo- Pulse technology will start delivering heat and vibration to the affected area increasing the localized blood flow and circulation, forcing the nasty saliva out of that area and soothing the itch. Around 45 seconds of bite treatment should be enough, but you can apply once again after waiting out about a minute. Genius!

///  Bite Helper $29.95
Available at thegrommet.com


FYF (Free Your Feet) by The Barefoot Company
There is nothing better than being barefoot for feel of terrain and balance and over all great for your body, but OUCH! Nevada terrains keeps most feet tied up in shoes to protect. That is until you meet FYF a Swiss made pair of protective socks made of DYNEEMA® – THE WORLD´S STRONGEST FIBER that is 15 times stronger than steel. These would be perfect to slip on during an archery stock to limit sound and quietly slip into where you need to be to get the perfect shot. In the off season use them in sports or any other outdoor activity you could do barefoot.

///  Free your Feet $80
Available at getfyf.com


Salomon QUEST 4D 3 GTX
When it comes to a hunting boot there are some top name brands that you just can’t beat. From stability and durability to just plain function. Sometimes though your feet yearn for something lightweight like a trail show that you can be quick on your feet yet still feel supported while carrying a heavy pack or better yet packing out meat. Salomon, not known in the hunting world, has platformed this backpacking boot off their trail running technology. With Sensafit foot beds, ContrGrip Sole and 4D Advanced Chassis you might just set those big lunkers of hunting boots aside for the early season.

///  SALOMON QUEST 4D 3 GTX $230
Available at salomon.com