The Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival is an annual event held in Elko and Spring Creek, Nevada the fourth weekend in July. It has been a local attraction for these communities since 2002.

All Balloon Festival Events Are FREE to the Public.

Ballooning Facts

How big are hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons vary in size from 14,000 cubic feet – with a payload of one person – to 750,000 cubic feet – enough to carry 32 people. These balloons range in height from 40 feet to 130 feet.


How is a balloon guided?

With the wind determining the direction of flight, the pilot uses different air currents at different altitudes to maneuver the balloon. Balloon speed is determined by the wind speed at different locations.

What does it take to become a licensed balloon pilot?

A licensed pilot has completed ground school and flight training with a certified hot air commercial pilot. This process consists of:

– Passing a Federal Aviation written examination

– Obtaining the regulated hours of flight time with at least 1 solo flight.

– Passing a flight test with a FAA examiner and furnishing a medical statement of health.


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