Sinus Relief Shower Steamers
Place in the shower and inhale the menthol and eucalyptus vapors!
Pure Joy  |  1900 Idaho St. #104 (BY BOOT BARN)




Adorable Windchimes
Spring is in the air…well we shall see, this is Elko so you never know!
Real Deals  |  2078 Idaho Street


Cute Boots
If you know me you know there is no such thing as too many shoes… look at these cute booties!!!
Buckaroo Boutique | 236 Silver Street





Nevada Gear
It’s so nice to find some Nevada Gear! They have plenty to choose from, stop by one of my favorite places to shop!
Carlin Trend | 369 S 5th Street




Locally Made Honey
Best Honey EVER! I’ve been buying honey from Silver Sage Honey for years, it really helps with my seasonal allergies… Available at Sierra Java, Bonanza Produce, Natural Nutrition or you can visit their Facebook page to order direct.
Silver Sage Honey  |  775-397-2228