Endless Summer Firepits
LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace, 10,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner, Decorative Slate Finish, Simulated Stone Construction, Integrated Ignition, Includes Black Fire Glass. $99.95-$149.95.

Available at Comforts of Home
2210 Idaho Street, Elko


Summer Bags
Aren’t these summer bags adorable?! Love this style, very durable and well made.

Available at East End Hair Salon
2574 Idaho Street




Happy Pits Deodorant
Handcrafted with raw, unrefined and fair trade ingredients. Aluminum-Free, Vegan. Exceptional moisture absorption and odor control. Only $9.95.

Available at Pure Joy
1900 Idaho Street, #104


Mood Jewelry
As a 90’s child I loved mood rings and necklaces! Your kids will dig these cool mood necklaces!

Available at Carlin Trend
369 S 5th Street